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Atlantic matias served with pickled red pine mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion and apple

22 zł


Crispy fresh Baltic herring deep fried served with garlic sauce

25 zł


Shrimps in light wine and butter sauce with garlic, freshly grated raspberry tomatoes, a pinch of La Vera pepper, served with croutons

39 zł


Chorizo barbacoa braised in red wine served with caramelized onion 

36 zł


Chopped steak tartare with traditional additions

43 zł




Cucumber soup

16 zł


Cabbage soup, spicy with plum tomatoes

16 zł 


Chantarelle soup with crispy bacon chip or smoked cheese

24 zł


“Solianka” – tradicional, borderland – meat soup served with olives, lemon and sour cream

25 zł 




Compressed melon salad with marinated pear, seaberry and “koryciński” cheese

32 zł


Salad with Caesar sauce and grilled salmon filet sprinkled with long-ripened cheese Ardibei, boquerones and toast

36 zł


Salad with Caesar sauce sprinkled with long-ripened cheese Ardibei, boquerones, shrimps and toast

39 zł


Main courses: vegetarian


Black “pierogi” with zander and horseradish mousse

33 zł


Main course: fish 


Salmon or pike fish served with marinated radish and pear, rucola, thyme ground and herbal butter

42 zł


Main course: meat


Meatloaf served with potatoes and beets

25 zł


Cabage rolls stuffed with lamb and pearl barley served with tomato sauce and potatoes

32 zł


Duck breast in lemon sauce served with carrot farfalle and potato-kale gratin

49 zł 


Sous-vide rabbit’s tigh, carrot-mango puree, blackberry sauce and grilled corn cob

54 zł


Kid’s menu


Crispy chicken chops breaded in panko, served with young potatoes and coleslaw salad

16 zł




Apple pie

15 zł


Cheesecake with white chocolate

19 zł


Seaberry pudding

19 zł

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